Fall is here!

There’s a change in weather, colors, and schedules that just make the season FUN! One of my favorite things to do with my students and my own children to is to find seasonal science experiments. What would be more fun than starting off the joyful season with a few fall science experiments?

Here are ## fall science experiments that I found hidden on the web.

Start the Fall off with learning why the leaves are changing with this Why Do Fall Leaves Change Colors Experiment. You might just learn a thing or two about color, too.

This Apple Science STEM experiment will fascinate all ages! Stem activities are the rage in all classroomsI just love apple anything especially making this DIY apple pie sugar scrub with my daughter.

What child doesn’t adore collecting fall leaves? Heck, I love to collect them for inside decor. Learn how to keep Fall forever by doing this Preserving Leaves Experiment.


This Apple Science Experiment is perfect for all ages!

My children had a blast with Apple Experiment and learned about the inside of apples. This fall science experiment would be FUN with the free Johnny Appleseed Unit Study.

Get your students in the Fall spirit with this Cranberry Science Experiment! This is fun to experiment during Thanksgiving.

Human sundial outdoor shadow science experiments! Hands-on outdoor science activities for children to help them learn how shadows are created, and, measure the earth’s rotation. Conducting outdoor science experiments like this human sundial can help kids begin to understand how the Earth rotates and orbits the sun.

Kids love learning hands on, and there is no better way to do that than through science experiments. This pumpkin density lab experiment is sure to thrill your kids.




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