6 Practical Tips for Dealing with Your Child’s Clutter

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Nothing triggers the “I want this clutter gone” attitude more than tripping over your child’s toy. And Lego’s are the worst!


kids clutter

Have no fear because there are ways you can deal with your child’s clutter, just follow these tips.

#1. Get rid of your own clutter.

Don’t forget that you’re the adult here and you have to get rid of your clutter before you can expect anyone else to get rid of theirs. You can help encourage your child to get rid of their clutter by setting a good example.

#2. Get organized.

Another way to deal with your child’s clutter is for them to have a place for their stuff. Offer them bins to put their items in, so they can put their toys and electronics out of sight and out of mind.

#3. Continuously clear out things they’re not using.

Kids go through tons of toys and clothing in their lifetime. Unless you plan on storing it for later, take the time to clear out items your kids aren’t using. This is a process and something that should be done at least once a month. Put the task on their chore chart.

#4. Show them how to make money off items they’re not using.

Sometimes kids don’t want to part with items that they clearly aren’t using (AKA clutter). Show your child how they can make money off of those items. Maybe a little motivation is in order to make sure they get rid of those items.

#5. Teach them to be smart about what they purchase.

Clutter happens because materialistic items are over purchased. Teach your children to be smart about what they purchase. Being selective will help them fill their rooms with things they need and not everything they want. Besides, plastic toys break and only create more clutter, so allow them to spend money on quality items that will go far.

#6. Notice how much happier your children are when they have less “clutter.”

Too much stuff can really ruin a child’s space. Turn operation get rid of clutter into a fun experience. Help them realize that they are much happier with less stuff. Teach them that they can make money off of selling items they aren’t using.

Dealing with your child’s clutter is all about teaching them how to get rid of their own clutter and live without it. Living with more stuff doesn’t make us happier or better off. Instead, clutter makes us feel closed in and sad.

Do you have any tips for dealing with your child’s clutter?

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