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It is no secret that leafy greens of all kinds are a superfood. Full of vitamins, nutrients, and even fiber they are essential to any diet! Luckily, they are also easy to grow right in your own backyard. If you think a greens garden would fit with your lifestyle, here are 6 leafy greens you should grow this spring. All 6 of these items are simple to grow, easy to harvest, and even easier to enjoy.

Here are 6 Leafy Greens that should grow in the spring. I have fallen in love with #2.

Here is how you can get started with a greens garden of your own!

1. Kale.
Kale is perfect for smoothies, to bake into kale chips, or to eat fresh or steamed. Easy to grow, you can plant it in the spring and it will continue to flourish well into the late fall months. Plant your kale from seedlings for fastest, strongest results.

2. Swiss Chard.
Swiss chard comes in green as well as a rainbow variety which is quite colorful! You can grill swiss chard, stuff it, use it in cold salad dishes or eat it plain. Swiss chard does best when grown from seedlings and is an inexpensive plant to buy and maintain.

3. Lettuce.
Who doesn’t love lettuce? Great for salads of all kinds, a lettuce addition to your garden is sure to come in handy. Choose from dozens of varieties of lettuce or try planting a few different ones so you can try the various flavors.

4. Cabbage.
Cabbage is great for soups, stews, and even coleslaw recipes. Try growing various varieties of cabbage and see what works well for you. With so many different kinds to choose from, you are sure to find a cabbage you like.

5. Mustard Greens.
Mustard greens are an excellent side dish. They cook up nicely with bacon or ham and are quite simple to grow. If you like spinach and swiss chard, chances are you will enjoy mustard greens as well!

6. Spinach.
Spinach is working its way into smoothies these days as well as quiche and other side dishes. Spinach is a green that will grow well into the late fall months, so it is worth planting if you are looking for some bang for your buck.

Just a note about keeping your greens garden safe: Animals such as rabbits love to eat leafy greens. In fact, they might think you planted the garden just for them! To keep animals out, consider some wire mesh fencing. You can also try planting marigolds around the garden, which can help keep critters from dropping by. Motion deterrents such as a wobble owl or simple scarecrow may also do the trick. If you don’t have a ton of room for a garden, all of these plants do well in pots. Consider container gardens if space is an issue for you.

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Make sure you allow your kids to help in the garden. It’s a wonderful and rewarding family activity.

As you can see, you have quite a few options when planting your leafy greens garden. All of these greens can provide you with months worth of fresh nutrients, sure to help you look and feel your best.