Being a parent has many hard moments. Those moments are extra hard when your sweet, little love is stubborn, and has a hard time following your directions. There are many ways to deal with a stubborn child. Check out these tips for parenting a stubborn child.

Try to Understand

First of all, think about why your child might be acting stubborn. Are they acting out to get more attention? Are they not doing what they are told simply because they do not want to? Knowing their reason for being stubborn can be a great aid in helping your child overcome their stubbornness. Remember that at younger ages, children do not quite think the way that adults do, and sometimes you just have to simplify things for them. 

Be Firm

It is important to be firm with your children. This helps them realize that you are the parent, and that you are in charge, not the other way around. Also, give your children expectations, and tell them the consequences, if they do not follow through with what is expected of them.

Do Not Give In

Giving in to your child’s stubbornness gives them the impression that they have won. Quite honestly, they have, and they will continue to walk all over you if you continue giving in, simply because you are tired of arguing. No matter how many times you have to repeat yourself. Keep at it, because eventually they will tire, and lose the stubborn attitude. Stand your ground!

Set an Example

Children learn a lot by watching others. Behave in a way that you would like your children to behave. If they witness you being stubborn with others, they will think it is acceptable to do the same.

Have Fun

Even though it is aggravating when your child is stubborn, it is important that you do not hold it against them all of the time. We as adults have our stubborn moments as well, so they are entitled to the same sometimes. Have some fun together. Try to bond with your child, when you can. This will help you both let down your guard and relax. Stubborn children like to have fun too.

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When it comes to parenting a stubborn child, it really does take a lot of patience and understanding. Keep with it because someday all your hard parenting will pay off. Your child will be a respectful young adult and you’ll have a lot to be thankful for in the long run.