5 Things to do when you’re in the School Car Line!

This sponsored post about 5 Things to do when you’re in the school line was created by me on behalf of EyeCon.

Last year was the first year I put my three younger children in public school. The year went exceptionally well, and I wholeheartedly knew I had made the right decision. The children absolutely fell in love with their teachers, and they adapted so well to the concept of being part of a classroom setting.

However, the only negative thing that I consider a very valid complaint was the horrid existence of the dreaded school car line that required wearing a bullet proof vest.

It was crazy and lined with parents from a seemingly different planet that aparently failed manners in preschool. 

The first annoyance was that there was zero organization in the formation of the car line. Typically, I would assume there would be some sort of common courtesy rules. For example, don’t flip off your child’s friend’s mother, but apparently, my expectations of the school car line was way off.

I refrained from saying what I really wanted to say to the disturbed man that one day, and instead politely said, “Geez, we are all here to pick up our children, so let’s all be civil to one another.” I have no idea what he shouted back at me because I believe he was speaking in tongues or something of that nature.

The second nuisance  about the school car line was that it literally took me 45 minutes patiently waiting in line to pick up my children from school. And that was on a good day. If it rained, you might as well pack an overnight bag.

After the day my son’s friend’s dad flipped me off, I decided that I was going to make the daily 45 minutes school car line adventure enjoyable, and I vowed to myself not to get aggravated like the other morons in the school car line.

Go me!

I came up with 5 entertaining activities that could occupy my time.  All of them help me stay sane during the school car line craze.

They all save my sanity.

Fortunately, we are in a different school district this school year, and the school car line is much more civilized. I have yet to be cussed out, so things are going quite well in my book, but I still enjoy my time in the school line with one of these 5 activities every afternoon. Life is good.

5 things to do when in the school line

Put the Kindle App on your Phone.  I have the Kindle app on my phone and love to read during the waiting time. I try to save one particular book for during that time, so it gives me something to look forward to every afternoon. I read other books when I’m at home. I post free ebooks daily on my Blessed Beyond a Doubt facebook page, so follow along. 


Play EyeCons and win Prizes. This addicting game will distract and relax you instead of causing anger build up from all the rude idiots seemingly ever present in the school car line. EyeCons is  a match-two puzzle mobile game from the creators of mega-hit board games TABOO and OUTBURST, Hersch Games. It’s fun because it offers real, offline rewards and prizes as players advance from level to level.

Download EyeCon today for Apple and Android, but beware it’s addicting. 

Read the Bible. I have a Bible app on my phone and enjoy reading a devotional or the daily scriptures from the Bible-in-a-year schedule. It’s a great way to get your quiet time in with the Lord. 

Listen to Podcasts. Having a podcast app on my phone has been fabulous. I subscribe to 2 or 3 of my favorite podcasts and enjoy the daily episodes. This is a great way for me to learn tips and tricks in my business and has enhanced my walk with the Lord. The categories are enormous. There are podcasts for everyone; just find one that suits your fancy. 

Pray. I have a nifty prayer app on my phone with the names and circumstances for me to pray for on that particular day. I use this time to keep my prayers organized on my app. This works well for me. 

These are the 5 activities that typically occupy my time in the school car line.

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This post was made possible by iConnect and EyeCons.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

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