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Unfortunately, if my day doesn’t start out right, my panties get in a wad.

5 smart Things to do before your kids wake up

Sad, but so TRUE! I don’t want to be like this, but the fact of the matter is….I am this way. And if mama ain’t happy nobody is happy! Yes, I am working on this, but after 17 years of being a parent, I still struggle. There are 6 simple, but smart things that I strive to do before my 6 kids wake up, now of course, sometimes they all don’t happen, but at least I feel I have some sort of a head start on my busy day. Waking up before my kids does not come naturally, I have to set my alarm. And getting myself up is the hardest task, everything else is down hill.

5 Smart Things to do Before Your Kids Wake up

      1. Pour Yourself a cup of coffee/Tea – I preset my coffee maker to go off 15 minutes before my alarm goes off. It’s hot and ready when I get up. It’s such an incentive for me to get up. Truly, it’s harder for me to get out of bed, if I know my coffee isn’t waiting for me. Also, during this time, I apply my essential oils. If you take medications, get them out-of-the-way with your first sip of coffee/tea.
      2. Check your planner – revise anything that needs revision on your To-Do List and add those tasks that you thought of when you couldn’t sleep last night.
      3. Pray and study God’s Word – I have a prayer app on my phone that is very helpful in remembering my daily prayers, I pray over my To-Do List for the day, and I love to be encouraged with God’s Word. This is key to my day! Read my routine here.
      4. Make Your Bed – Yes, I am a bit insane when it comes to this topic. I can’t stand for my bed to be unmade. It makes me happy when my bed is made because there is less clutter. I also have this rule…You don’t have to make your own bed if mom doesn’t make hers. 
      5. Put a load of Laundry On – Trust me, on this one. It’s such a good feeling to know you have (1) load of laundry washed before your kiddos eat. Right before breakfast, I put the load in the dryer. If you are one of those weirdos (like me, lol) that love to check things off for the day, this is one of my favorite checks. Whoot, Whoot!

Of course, you will need to implement your own list to meet your needs or change the order you do these things, but the key is to not get discouraged when you wake up late and don’t tackle all your tasks before your kids wake up. I am not always successful, but at least I have some sort of plan to start my busy day. You have to give yourself some grace and just start fresh the next day.

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What are a few smart things you do before your kids wake up or are you one who wants to implement a few tasks before your kids wake up and need some encouragement?