5 Reasons You Need to have Fruit and Frozen Vegetables in your Freezer!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Frozen Food Foundation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

In general, most Americans will tell you they want to eat healthier. 

vegetables and frozen fruit

We’re told we should eat at least one healthy salad per day. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat a big green salad, but sometimes I bypass making one because it’s just so time-consuming to wash, peel, and chop the vegetables.

Call me lazy, but it’s simply the truth.

I homeschool and work full-time at home. Time is of the essence to me. 

I found a solution for our large family to still eat healthy, stay within our food budget, and it takes very little time.

It’s packing our freezer with fruit and frozen vegetables.

There was a study done by The University of California. Davis and the Frozen Food Foundationn recently concluded in their study that frozen fruits and vegetables are generally as rich in nutrients, and more often so, than their fresh counterparts.

The 5 Reasons Why You Should Have Fruits and Frozen Fruits in Your Freezer

  1. They are FULL of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s nature’s pause button and “locks in” many of the healthy stuff because they are frozen shortly after harvesting.
  2. They are additive FREE. Freezing automatically preserves food, so it’s not necessary to add all those unwanted additives. However, double-check the labeling before purchasing. You will find that most frozen fruits and vegetables will be additive free.frozen 1
  3. They are convenient. They come washed and cut. No need to take time preparing them. You can have them for lunch, snack or a side dish with any meal. It’s just simple. We love to make shrimp fried rice and throw in any frozen vegetables we have on hand. You must try using frozen fruits in smoothies, too.
  4. They are budget Friendly. Buying fruits and frozen vegetables are less expensive than purchasing fresh. Not to mention, how many times I’ve had to throw away fresh produce because it was hidden in the refrigerator. frozen 3
  5. You can enjoy your favorite fruits and vegetables all year long. Since freezing is nature’s pause button, no need to just eat your favorite food when in it’s in season. I love to make this easy Mexican Corn Dip appetizer and by using frozen corn, we can enjoy it all year long. (recipe coming soon)

Stocking our freezer with fruits and frozen vegetables has really helped our family stay within our given grocery budget and to eat as healthy as possible. 

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What is your favorite fruit or frozen vegetable?

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  1. Living a ways from town a quick run to the grocery store isn’t an option for us. We live our frozen veggies and fruit. I too have thrown out vegetables too many times because they didn’t get cooked in time. Frozen is the best way for us! 🙂

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