4 Ways to Have FUN Teaching Math! Creative Ideas!

With springtime right around the corner, I thought you might have fun teaching math.

Have FUN with these creative math ideas!

Believe me, your kids will love these activities because they all use candy or snacks.

Sweetheart Estimation (these should be on clearance now)

Fill a jar with Sweetheart candies. Let your children guess (estimate) how many are in the jar.  Discuss the difference between estimates and actual amounts.

Yes, your kiddos will love math with these FUN ideas!

Lucky Charms Graphing

If you’re looking for a math activity to tie into St. Patrick’s Day, this is it.  Give each child a ziploc of Lucky Charms marshmallows.  Let them sort into different shapes and place them on the right column in the graph.  Write the number of each shape below that column.

Make a bar graph by coloring the bar the same color as the Lucky Charms marshmallow.  You could also make a line graph representing the same information.

If you would like a copy of our Lucky Charms Graph page, click here. You’ll also receive our FREE St. Patricks Day Activity Guide.

Jellybean Multiplication

You can have fun teaching math this Easter with Jellybean Multiplication.

Instead of using blocks to teach multiplication facts, use jellybean.  For instance, 3×5=15 would be represented by 3 rows of 5 jellybeans.  Let your child count the total and write the fact on paper.  Repeat with all the fact families of 3.  Continue using other multiplication fact families.

Pizza Fractions

Make 3 individual pizzas with pop out of the can biscuits.  My kids flatten one biscuit to make the crust.  Then they spread pizza sauce on top and sprinkle toppings on top.  Bake at 350, about 10-15 minutes.

Give each child their 3 pizzas. Before eating, they must cut the pizzas into fractions. I would start with simple fractions, such as halves, thirds & quarters.  Let your child write a fraction for each pizza.  While they eat, discuss what the numerator & denominator represent.

Example:  ½  –  1=numerator/part and 2 =denominator/whole

How else do you have fun teaching math?

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