10 Small Business Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom

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Many moms dream of the opportunity to be at home with their children, while still helping financially. If we’re all going to be honest, it’s a tough world out there. Everyone wants your money and sometimes there’s not a lot of it to go around.

Small Business Ideas for SAHM

Check out these 10 small business ideas for the stay at home mom.

  1. Editor/Writer- Think about how often a company needs a writer to help with copy. And not only do they need help with writing copy, but oftentimes they need help with editing. Even the best companies can make mistakes from time to time.
  2. Start a Craft Business- There are some stay at home moms out there who are fabulous with doing any sort of craft. Whether that means sewing or creating something out of nothing, it’s amazing. If you have any talent in that area at all, starting a craft business may be for you.
  3. Baking Cakes/Doing Floral- Have any talent in the baking/floral department? Take this talent and make some money off of it.
  4. Graphic Design-Many women are finding new careers with Graphic Design. Some are self-taught graphic designers and others have gone to school. The cool thing about graphic design is that you could go to school online and complete your degree.
  5. Open an Etsy Store or a Facebook Store- Etsy.com is full of women entrepreneurs who had an idea and ran with it. Facebook is also another way to open up a store in order to sell something you make or have created.
  6. Open a Marketing Company- Marketing is something that not everyone is good at, but if you are, this could be a great business idea for a stay at home mom. There are thousands of companies that need someone to run their marketing department.
  7. After School Care- If you’re really not into the whole “babysitting” thing as a fulltime gig, consider offering after care for kids. This works out awesome if you’re a parent who lives close to a school. Most kids only need to stay anywhere from 30-60 minutes’ afterschool, until their parent can get to them.
  8. Virtual Tutoring- Have a teaching degree or are you just really good with kids? Well, tutoring is a brilliant business idea for a stay at home mom. You can use Skype or Google Hangouts to talk to your students or even Facetime or video chat. There are so many options for virtual tutoring, it’s crazy!
  9. Nutritionist/Personal Trainer- If you have a degree in nutrition or are a personal trainer, consider doing this from your home. So many people need to get healthy and if you have the right certifications, this could be an ideal career for a SAHM.
  10. Party Planner- So many women are excellent at party planning, why not make a career out of it when you’re a SAHM? Anything is possible!

Making extra money can seem majorly intimidating, however, it’s possible for a SAHM to make extra money using these 10 ideas. I started monetizing my blog three years ago, and I make a full time income to support my family today.

Do you have any business ideas?


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