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Our beloved pets are part of our family. My kids treat our pets like children. They find it amusing to award our dog and cat with treats for good behavior. 


And to be honest, I just go with it. I think it’s teaching my children responsibility and nurturing gestures towards others, including animals.

Levi sure doesn’t argue with a Purina treat bribery, either.

Check out how we bribe or award our beloved pets during the holidays.

This Black Friday/Cyber Monday there are big savings on treats to be found on the Purina Pet Park. Some of our favorite treats to give our Yorkie are the following:

  • Purina Busy Bone (7 oz)
  • Purina Alpo Variety Snaps Little Bites (32oz)
  • Purina Beggin Strips (25oz)
  • Purina Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Dog Snacks (24ct)

My kids look forward to stuffing each of our pet’s stockings each year. I admit we tend to be one of those over-the-edge crazy pet families, but our pets are a big part of our family’s lives.

Purina 2

We do not feed our animals table food, so treats are considered candy to our beloved pets. 

This Black Friday/Cyber Monday we will be shopping online at the Purina Pet Park and my children will be picking our furry friends some stocking stuffers.

You can save big on Purina pet treats, too!