25 Home Date Ideas! Don't stop dating because you became parents!

My husband and I have been having a home date night for over 15 years now.

Living on a single income and feeding 6 children, doesn’t leave much spending money for babysitters.

Not to mention how much it would cost to pay a reliable babysitter for 6 children.

We try to have a home date night at least one night a week, of course, life gets busy and it doesn’t always happen.

However, I believe this one area that Satan tends to get the best of us.  He is in the busineess of breaking up marriages, especially Christian marriages.  And he is pretty good at it if you ask me… considering the divorce rate among Christians is at a high rate of 50%.

Please don’t let Satan win!

Make dating your soulmate a priority!  Even if it is a home date!

25 Home Date Ideas

  1. Dress up your backyard and have a picnic
  2. Read a book or audio together
  3. Dinner alone – feed the children before he gets home.  *we do this every Friday night
  4. Pick a TV show and watch it every week *we watch 48 hours every Sat night. I know we are weird!
  5. Make a special dessert
  6. Move the furniture and make a dance floor
  7. Watch a sport’s event on TV and serve stadium foods – nachos, hot dogs, popcorn
  8. Watch your first movie together and snuggle
  9. Eat Take Out on your fine china with candlelight
  10. Have a blanket picnic in front of a fire
  11. Give each other a massage – buy some special lotion and candle
  12. Play a board game – whoever loses has to put the kiddos to bed or wash the dishes the next night
  13. Puzzle – work on a jigsaw, crossword, or sudko together
  14. Fondue Night
  15. Go down Memory Lane and watch videos or look at old photos
  16. Watch an entire season of your favorite TV show
  17. Paris Night – baguette, French Wine, and cheese
  18. Do a Bible Study together
  19. Make chocolate covered strawberries
  20. Appetizer Night – make 3-4 new items
  21. Sit outside and watch for shooting stars
  22. Make Ice Cream Sundaes after the children go to bed
  23. Take a hot bubble bath together
  24. Surf the internet on a topic you both want to learn more about
  25. Light the bedroom with lots of candles and just talk

We are now blessed to have a teenagers to watch the little ones.

However, often we enjoy just a home date.

What is your favorite home date idea?  We would love to hear your ideas!

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