“If only you had paid attention to my commands, your peace would have been like a river, your righteousness like the waves of the sea.” Isaiah 48:18

Did you know that peace is used 26 times in book of Isaiah? In that matter, it must be an essential concept to God.

Today I was brainstorming what the definition of peace meant. Tranquility came to mind. Satisfaction and Harmony also entered my mind. I shamefully admit, before I started my devotion this morning, peace to me was when everything was going my way ~ meaning no rocks in my path. God says we can have peace just like a river in Isaiah 48:18. Then I was contemplating on the word “river.” A river is always connected with another body of water. It’s also a moving stream of water. Right? God’s word doesn’t say that we will have peace like a pond. Are you with me so far? According to Col 3:15, Christ wants us to have peace in our lives. God is connected to peace. In order for us to have complete peace we much accept Jesus Christ in our lives completely. How do we do this? Accepting His commands to obedience not only with the things that appeal to us but in everything we come encounter with. Why should we? Christ knows what is best for our lives. I beg to differ sometimes. Those of who know me know I won’t give up without some sort of confrontation. LOL! In Isaiah 48:17, he tells us that God only teaches us to what is best for our lives. My dh and I have been struggling for years on this one particular issue, we have finally made a decision to surrender to God’s obedience and let him be in control of the situation regardless of what seems comfortable to us or convenient. Actually, I have been the one struggling with the issue more than my dh for selfish reasons.

The key to a peaceful life while we are here on this earth is surrendering completely to God’s authority. The secular world out there might say we are boring individuals BUT have you ever seen or experience river rapids? River rapids are anything but arid. Especially when you are in a tube and are trying to hold onto your cooler filled with iced water. LOL!