15 FREE Printable Calendars 2013

15 free printable calendars

I went digital on my phone last year and in October my phone completely died. And I lost everything including my calendar brain.

This year I will still go digital but will still utilize FREE printable calendars for back up.  Call me old fashioned if you must!

1.  Creative Mama– Write In calendar, very colorful, 12 pages


2. Hello Cuteness – super cute write in, 12 pages – upgrade available

3.  Graphic Gardens – County Living calendar, 12 pages

4. Graphic Gardens – flowers write on, 12 pages

5. Graphic Gardens – Big Teddy Bears, 12 pages

free printable calendar

6.  Love Vs. Design – seasons 2013, 1 page

7.  Weight Loss Calendar – mark your weight each week, one page

8.  Calendalabs.com – free 2013 calendar template – custom to your preference

9.  My Owl Barn – for the owl lovers, 12 pages

10.  iMom – adorable, 12 pages

13.  Call Me Victorian –  vintage full calendar, 1 page

14. The Twinery – colorful, 12 pages

15.  Coloring Pages Calendar – color a new one each month


Which one suits your fancy?

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Have you pinned this list of 2013 free printables calendars yet?


  1. Annette @ InAllYouDo says:

    GREAT list!!!! I would be lost without my phone by my side! But, I too use a printable calendar!! 😉 I usually make my own, but there are some really super CUTE ones in here! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janna Rheinson says:

    Hi! I am a 1st grade teacher in NC. I printed out your calendar template with the damask/swirly print to use as my assessment calendars for each student. My team went crazy about them and now they all want to use them. Problem is you only have through December. Is there anyway you could create a set for us to use for our students for the rest of the school year? Thank you!

    • Hi Janna,

      I did not create the calendars, so you will have to contact the blogger who made them. So glad you all are enjoying them.

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