101+ Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas other than Candy!

blessed beyond a doubt affiliate disclosure2Tons of FUN Easter Basket ideas that won't cause cavities!

We don’t actually do the Easter bunny thing, but we do celebrate Spring with a few gifts in a big basket that my children share.

We usually surprise them with the basket of goodies the week before Easter to not take away the true meaning of Easter.

Here’s 101+ Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas other than candy!

Most of these items you can purchase at the dollar store.

  1. The Cross Maker DVD – a Biblical art class
  2. Fun Socks
  3. hack y Sacks
  4. Bath Soap
  5. Deodorant
  6. Dental Floss
  7. Garden Tools
  8. Garden Gloves
  9. Seeds to plant
  10. Journal
  11. Calculator
  12. ruler
  13. protractor
  14. crayons – these are so COOL!  I want my own pack!
  15. map colors
  16. pens
  17. markers
  18. glue sticks
  19. pencil
  20. highlighters
  21. Movie 
  22. yarn
  23. crochet hooks
  24. knitting needles
  25. crochet or knitting pattern book
  26. hats
  27. toothpaste with a character( I am too cheap to buy novelty toothpaste during the year)
  28. toothbrush
  29. hot wheels – I take them out of the package
  30. screw driver
  31. wrench
  32. legos
  33. magazine subscription – I buy the actual magazine and add a bow
  34. compass – my boys each have one
  35. cups – I buy each child their own color
  36. batteries – my children are constantly asking me to buy them batteries for their games
  37. baseball cards
  38. cd
  39. video game – used of course
  40. paint brushes
  41. sewing kit – travel size
  42. thread
  43. capri suns or any bottled drink – this is a treat for my kiddos
  44. nail polish – I love putting these on my toes  – it last’s for each 2 weeks
  45. nail polish remover
  46. flash light
  47. Pick and Draw – my children play this game almost daily
  48. Phase 10
  49. playing cards
  50. marbles – learn how to play the game 
  51. dominoes – every family needs to learn to play Chicken Foot
  52. Toss Up
  53. Uno
  54. Skip Bo
  55. bath bubbles
  56. popcorn – I put the individual microwave packets in the basket
  57. earrings or any jewelry
  58. watch
  59. thank you cards or note cards
  60. Stamps and ink  to make your own cards
  61. iTunes gift card
  62. Bible – every child needs this Bible
  63. coloring books – I only buy at the dollar store
  64. army men
  65. band aides – must be FUN ones
  66. comb or brush
  67. Essential Oils
  68. tickets to the movies
  69. gift cards to their favorite restaurant
  70. books  or Amazon gift card
  71. water colors
  72. BBQ tools
  73. clamps – tools are a HUGE hit (I have 5 boys)
  74. measuring tape
  75. work gloves
  76. mouth wash
  77. fruit snacks
  78. bathing suits – try to buy the summer before on clearance
  79. water guns – I am ashamed to admit, but I wouldn’t mind owning my very own
  80. bubbles
  81. beach towel – these are super absorbent and anti-bacterial
  82. sand toys
  83. water balloons
  84. bug spray
  85. sunscreen – buy at the Dollar Store
  86. lip gloss or make up
  87. candle or scentsy
  88. Liila Rose hair clip – Sue Ellen will help you out
  89. compact mirror
  90. pocket knife – make sure you take it out of your purse before heading on a flight.  I lost mine ):
  91. finger paints – make your own bath paints
  92. shaving cream – fun for writing spelling words, too.
  93. razors
  94. nail clippers
  95. hair gel
  96. duck tape – tons of things to make on Pinterest
  97. Sea Monkeys – these are weird, but FUN
  98. stickers
  99. tattoos
  100. jump rope
  101. Skip Ball – I use to have a lemon twist when I was young
  102. cologne – samples are fun, too
  103. flip flops –  10 DIY ideas
  104. Money – place in plastic eggs
  105. wallet
  106. Fishing tackle
  107. iPhone case – design your own

Do you have any creative Easter stuffer ideas?   My friend, Meet Penny, has an ultimate list of the COOLest Easter Basket ideas, so be sure to check out her FUN ideas, too!



  1. This is neat, never run of ideas for easter stuffing

  2. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Wow that is a huge list of great ideas!

  3. Love all these suggestions cause not only do I give my little ones candy in the Easter baskets but I always like to add something different.

  4. Reminds me of stocking stuffers. Great ideas.

  5. Sandy Klocinski says:

    This is awesome! Wonderful ideas

  6. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a great list of ideas for Easter Baskets. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what to put in my grandchildren Easter Baskets. You gave me a lot of great ideas to choose from. Thanks….

  7. Thanks for all of the ideas for Easter basket stuffers as my granddaughter is not a fan of candy. I love the earrings and phone case ideas.

  8. Donna porter says:

    I love your ideas. I have never thought of this!

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