10 Things to do to Prepare for Hurricane Season

10 Things to do to Prepare for Hurricane Season

With the summer heating up, the dangers of hurricane season are on the horizon. Those who live in hurricane prone areas always have these torrential storms in the back of their mind, but many do not take steps to really be prepared for a potential storm. When it comes to hurricanes, it’s important to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Here are 10  hurricane prep tips that will prepare you for hurricane season.

Unfortunately, we were in the aftermath of Harvey and witnessed horrific devastation. Thankfully, we were spared, but so many of our friends lost everything. I will be prepared this hurricane season.

And so can you.

Keep in mind the comfort and safety of your family is your number one priority, so you should be sure that hurricane preparation is at the top of your must-do list.

How to prepare for a Hurricane

Here are ten hurricane prep tips so that you’re ready for anything this storm season blows your way.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Having a solid plan for evacuation is important. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out where you will go, what to do with your pets, and what routes are the safest in the event of a storm. Once the threats of a storm begin, you can quickly take steps to move to safety with a little less stress.

Make Plans for Sheltering in Place

If you’re in an area that it might be safe to ride out a storm, figure out a plan for what you will do if you do decide to stay in place. How far out from the storm will you fill up your gas tank? What will you need if travel isn’t possible for a few days? Are you ready for several days without power? Be sure you have the answers to all these questions, long before they become an issue.

Purchase a Generator

One of the hardest items to locate when the news of a possible hurricane begins to emerge is a generator. Purchase one long before you need it so that you aren’t caught in the scramble. Take time to read up on how it should be installed and what safety measures to take to protect your home and property.

Invest in a Weather Radio

Weather radios that have a hand crank for power or can be solar charged are a great thing to have on hand in the event of power outages. You’ll be able to check weather updates and find out about any warnings or important safety information, plus certain models will allow you to charge other devices or have features like emergency lights.

Consider Cooking Options

Having lots of non-perishables on hand is a necessity when doing hurricane preparation, but you should also consider alternate cooking options in case of extended power outages. Charcoal grills and camp stoves can be a big help during the aftermath of a storm.

Stock Up on Essential Supplies

Bottled water, non-perishable food (and tools to open cans and bottles), important medications, plenty of batteries and first aid supplies should always be on hand in the event of an emergency. Before hurricane season rolls in, check expiration dates and replace anything that could go out of date before the season is over.

Prepare Plywood or Hurricane Shutters

Protecting the windows of your home during a hurricane is one of the tasks that is always on the to-do list in the days as a storm approaches. Save time by having the supplies already on hand and if needed, cut to fit your windows. You’ll also avoid issues of items not being in stock as others are scrambling to prepare, as well.

Stockpile Light and Power Sources

Pick up extra flashlights, batteries, and candles to be sure that you’ll have what you need in a power outage. Emergency chargers for cell phones and other electronics can also come in handy when you’re experiencing days without power.

Create an Entertainment Plan

Hit the dollar store and stock up on books and art supplies. Pick up a new board game or two and stash it away. You’ll want to have a plan for keeping everyone entertained through the storm, especially if you don’t have power. It will help keep anxiety to a minimum and serve as a distraction from what’s going on around you.

Stay on Top of Yard Work

By making sure that your yard is in good shape, trees are healthy, and dangerous limbs are removed, you’ll be protecting your home from damage when the wind blows through. Also, keeping ditches and drainage areas cleaned up and clear can help to reduce localized flooding issues.

Preparing for hurricane season is a very important responsibility. By thinking ahead, you’ll find yourself with less stress and frustration because you’ll have many of your most critical needs already in place. 

So get busy and prepare for hurricane season. Do you have any other hurricane prep tips to add to the list?

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