FUN Christmas eve traditions

I love creating new Christmas Eve traditions each year.

We don’t always do all of them, but we usually do a majority of them each year together as a family.  Each year is a little bit different, but it’s always a joyous time for us.

The key is to be together and remember what Christmas is all about!  Jesus!  It doesn’t mean we don’t do anything fun and secular, but our main focus is on Christ.

Of course, we always enjoy the Christmas Eve service where we sing and worship the one who made it all happen.

10 FUN Christmas Eve Traditions

  1. We always make a spread of appetizers for dinner.  It’s junk food for us!
  2. We watch a different Christmas movie each Christmas Eve while stuffing our faces with all the goodies that mean ol’ mama doesn’t allow during the year.
  3. My mom has always provided my children and myself with new Christmas PJ’s each year to wear on Christmas Eve.  She gives me new slippers to match, too!
  4. Doing the day, we like to make a Gingerbread house.
  5. We drink egg nog or Wassail during the day.
  6. We have visited a nursing home and called Bingo for the residents.(call the activity director ahead of time)
  7. We sing Christmas carols while I try to play the piano.  Beethoven I’m not!
  8. We look at previous Christmas pictures of our family.
  9. We make a birthday cake for Jesus and the children decorate it.
  10. We set the table with birthday party plates, napkins, and balloons for the next morning.

Do you have any FUN Christmas Eve traditions that you want to share with us?

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